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Dry soil removal is another name for vacuuming and this is a vital pre-clean process. To understand the real importance of dry soil removal you have to look at the various constituents that form the make up of what we term dry soil.

The constituents of soil are many and varied. The more gritty and sandy deposits will quickly find their way into the backings causing damage each time the carpet is walked upon by the continual grinding down of the fibres. Some of the soiling is of an oily, greasy nature and this is not easily removed by the use of a normal domestic vacuum. Other soiling consists of food and drink spillages. Many of today’s food and drink contain dyes or colourings, which can pose the cleaning operative a few problems especially if home stain removal treatments have been utilised.

Over a period of time the soiling builds up until it becomes at first noticeable and then unbearable, at which time we are called in, often to perform a miracle. Miracles, unfortunately, happen rather infrequently and all that we can endeavour to do is to treat the offending soils to the best advantage.

It is essential that a good quality commercial upright vacuum or ‘pile lifter’ is used. The vacuum’s brush action is designed to separate and lift the pile and in so doing the particle soil is vibrated in to the airflow created by the vacuum, and subsequently removed.

Every section of the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed [even under furniture] with particular attention paid to the main wear areas, especially in doorways for it is here that the more substantial deposits of sand and grit will be deposited. Special attention should be paid to the edges of the room around the skirting. This should be accomplished with a hand or crevice tool as most upright vacuums have difficulty in removing the soil from the edges.

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