After Cleaning Care Information:
After our Service Technician has cleaned your carpets, some simple precautions should be
observed for the best results.
 Please minimise traffic on the carpet, if you must walk on the carpet please use the
‘booties’ we have left for you!
 Walking from wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery!
 For their health and safety, please keep children and pets off recently cleaned carpet
until completely dry.
 To avoid stains or rust spots, please don’t remove any pads or blocks we may have
placed under furniture until the carpet is completely dry.
 If stain protection was applied after cleaning, drying time may be lengthened.
However please allow 24-36 hours before heavy carpet use to allow curing.
 Carpet drying time can vary widely due to density of your carpet, humidity and the
degree of soil. To speed up drying, ventilate the area as much as outside weather
allows, and increase air circulation (turn on fans). Carpet drying times may vary from
only two hours under ideal conditions to as much as 18 hours.
 If any ugly spots reappear – or you find spots we didn’t remove call immediately,
we’ll only be to happy to re-clean for FREE