In 1998 The WoolSafe Organisation launched an accreditation scheme for professional carpet cleaning companies, called the WoolSafe Certified Operators programme, to counter unqualified cleaners who give the carpet cleaning industry a bad name.

Independent carpet cleaning companies, franchisees and in-house carpet cleaning contractors can become WoolSafe Certified Operators.

They must be fully trained in all carpet cleaning techniques, have been in business continuously for a period of at least 5 years and be a member of a recognised professional or trade association related to the cleaning industry. They must attend a WoolSafe training course, pass the exit exam and meet other requirements relating to their business and professional associations.

Certified Operators undertake to use WoolSafe-approved products whenever they clean or maintain wool or wool-rich carpeting.

The woolsafe credited operators programme:

  • trains, examines and accredits leading carpet cleaning companies
  • requires the use of WoolSafe-approved products, thereby ensuring
  • the highest standards in wool carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance

Country House Carpet Care support the above program because they are dedicated to cleaning your soft furnishings the safest way. Cleaning your soft furnishings the safest way.